Feedback on Web Projects

Please be sure to have posted a draft of all the pages of your web project before Sunday. Then, please be sure to send feedback via email to each member of your writing group, suggesting possible revisions for his or her web project–by Monday at midnight. Please copy me on these emails.

Here are some questions to consider when reading your peers’ web projects and sending feedback:

1. Does the writer establish a  motive and articulate a thesis that is clear and will be accessible to curious readers?

2. Does each “chunk” have a coherent focus, or identity? Does the writer introduce that focus and elaborate on it in an interesting way?

3. Which of Harvey’s elements is the writer handling most successfully? Which elements need work?

4. Has the writer used multimedia materials–images, video, links, audio, etc.–to communicate in ways that would not be possible in a traditional essay? Do you have any suggestions for improving or adding to these multimedia elements?

5. Are technical and formatting details in order? Is there anything about the formatting or the appearance of the pages that will be an impediment for readers?


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2 Responses to Feedback on Web Projects

  1. Jason Tougaw says:

    Hilarious. You should send that to Robert.

  2. Jennifer Lee says:

    I’m sorry for the upcoming digression, interruption, and distraction. I just found this meme and I needed to share it with you.

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