Draft Cover Letters & Draft Response Letters

When you submit your essay draft to your writing group and to me, you’ll include a cover letter. After you read, the drafts written by members of your writing groups, send them letters in response (before class on Tuesday). Here are the guidelines for both letters.

Draft Cover Letters

1. Explain your goals for the essay. What do you hope to accomplish? What do you want readers to learn?

2. Which of Harvey’s “Elements” do you think are strongest in your current draft?

3. Which of Harvey’s “Elements” need the most work when you revise?

4. What particular questions or concerns do you have about your draft? What do you want to know from your writing group and from me?

5. If you already have some ideas about how you want to revise, let us know that.

Draft Response Letters

Address the following in your response:

1. How well has the writer achieved his or her stated goals? Have you learned what s/he hoped you would?

2. Which of Harvey’s “Elements” does the writer employ most effectively? Which of these elements need the most work?

3. What ideas or details intrigued you the most? What do you want to know more about?

4. Describe your reading experience? Is the prose graceful and clear? Is it ever wordy or confusing? How might the prose be polished so that the writer expresses his or her ideas as effectively as possible?

5. Answer any questions the writer asked in his or her cover letter–and feel free to bring up any other questions or issues that you think will help the writer make the most of the revising process.

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