Applying Harvey’s Elements

In Gordon Harvey’s Gordon Harvey’s “Elements of the Academic Essay,” he names and defines thirteen elements common to nonfiction writing. For Tuesday’s class, read Harvey’s definitions of these elements.

Then, take a look at your assigned element below and think about how Jonah Lehrer and Lisa Zunshine employ that element in the essays we’re reading for Tuesday. Be prepared to explain how one of the writers uses the element, giving an example from the essay to illustrate your point. Finally, how might you or other students in the class follow the example of this writer and use the strategy you’ve identified? In other words, what can you learn by thinking about this writer as a role model for your own writing?

Adrian (thesis),  Arefa (thesis), Chris (motive), Tracy (motive)

Debra (evidence), Charlene (evidence),  Anthony (analysis), Danielle (analysis)

Ariel (keyterms),  Hong (structure),  Jennifer (stitching)

Robert (sources), Sadia (reflecting), Sam (reflecting)

Shahana (orienting),  Shannon (stance), Nishant (stance)

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